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of the Kharkiv Anti-crisis Headquarters

Dear friends and fellow countrymen from around the world!

Today, our beloved Kharkiv region needs help — we must be prepared as much as possible to adequately withstand the coronavirus pandemic. Hospitals need equipment and medicines. Pensioners need material support to stay alive during the quarantine.

The Kharkiv Anti-Crisis Headquarters has been established to raise additional funds that will be used to purchase critically deficient resources. Financing needs are known and made public on our website. First contributions have already been made. We invite everyone who can help and who cares for Kharkiv region to join us.

There is no time to spare; we must take action now!

Kharkiv Anti-Crisis Headquarters


01.04.2020 / 17:11

List of Kharkiv city citizens and Kharkiv companies that helped their region to get ready for coronavirus

Based on the results of raising funds for the Kharkiv region to fight the coronavirus epidemic, a list of Kharkiv residents and companies that took part in this process was compiled. Data published at...

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20.03.2020 / 18:02

The first payment is transferred - $ 2 million from Alexander Yaroslavsky


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19.03.2020 / 18:16

Kharkiv region unites in confronting coronavirus


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